PUBG Mobile: How to get chicken dinners in this Game?

PUBG Mobile

Millions of people worldwide are currently playing one of the most poignant battle royale games from the industry.

A player begins with pieces of equipment in the game. They will then have to discover weapons and eliminate the rest of the players to make a poultry meal.

We take a look at five things you should remember if you would like to get a chicken dinner at PUBG Mobile.

Five things to keep in mind If You Would like a chicken dinner at PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

  • Play with a permanent squad

Playing a permanent squad is one of the most significant factors to help you achieve a chicken dinner. This increases the synergy within the group and makes the motion and coordination more efficient.

  • Avoid Hot-drops

Even though you may be tempted because of the quality and volume of loot, they have to fall at places like Pochinki and Military Base, averting these hot-drops is one of the critical variables to consider when you want to win a match in PUBG Mobile.

Landing at areas will decrease your chances of survival as enemies will surround you.

  • Play with a good internet connection

An excellent online connection and a decent set of earphones will give you an edge over the other players. High-quality earphones will, therefore, improve your gameplay and will provide a fantastic sound sense to you. Meanwhile, you will be saved by a favorable online link from signal drops, which leads to rubberbanding and lagging.

PUBG Mobile

  • Improve your reflexes

Also, an aim and faster reflexes are critical factors. The better the goal, the quicker the enemy is taken down. Reflexes and your target can be improved from Cheer Park.

  • Controls

Mastery over the controllers can be achieved. Each player has a different style of play along with the controllers for every player will subsequently be different.

Adjust the sensitivity settings depending on your preferences and ensure the controls are suitable for you.


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