Bhojpuri Trending Song ‘Dulahin Paiela Jhakkas’ Sung By Shilpa Singh

Dulahin Paiela Jhakkas

For all Bhojpuri music lovers, Bhojpuri song ‘Dulahin Paiela Jhakkas’ sung by Shilpa Singh. Raja Bhattacharya gives the music of tune Dulahin Paiela Jhakkas by singer Shilpa Singh.

Sonu Sargam composes the lyrics of Dulahin Paiela Jhakka’s song. To find out more about the Shilpa Singh’s song’Dulahin Paiela Jhakkas,’ love the video. Stay tuned to ETimes for more songs like Dulahin Paiela Jhakkas.


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