Amidst becoming into the truth about her ex Benjamin “Benny,” Blackbird’s (Sam Marra) passing, private investigator Dex Parios (Cobie Smulders) currently has two potential candidates to be a future love on Stumptown.

Up until now, Dex’s romantic experiences with her very best friend and pub owner/ex-con Grey McConnell (Jake Johnson) and (former) Detective Miles Hoffman (Michael Ealy) have mostly been casual, along with the capability to become. And while Smulders said in Season 1, “I can’t imagine there is a triangle coming,” explaining, “She is up for all the night has to offer, but in the morning she is always lonely since she chooses to be,” that could very well change as she figures out who she is later getting closed about Benny’s passing.

“For 12 years, this entire thing defined me,” she informed his mother, Sue Lynn (Tantoo Cardinal), in his tomb from the finale. Perhaps the person she is is somebody who may be ready for far more than “whatever the night has to provide you with.” We’d see her beginning to change a little of her mattress, including that whole arrangement. (As Sue Lynn had advised, doing so”begins a path to dictate. The moment you have the sequence, you may begin to forgive yourself.”)

Stumptown Season 2

But if she is prepared for a relationship, that doesn’t necessarily indicate it’d be with Miles or Grey. As we’ve observed, individuals are matched by her that is going to continue in Season 2, and she’s interested in everywhere.

Nonetheless, we will likely get teases of a love triangle; we discovered that, most notably in Episode 9, collectively with Grey’s girlfriend Liz (Monica Barbaro), forcing him to confront his feelings for Dex, as Miles decided to speak to the P.I. about keeping things “professional.”

Plus, both Miles and Grey finished the season in this manner that we can view Dex becoming involved in their own lives… which may easily lead to something occurring with either of them.

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