Star Trek: Discovery is no more alone in the television world. The show is being followed into the small screen by the follow up to Next Generation Star Trek: the animated series Star Trek, Picard: Lower Decks along with the drama of this Secret intelligence agency Star Trek: Section 31.

“The intention is to have some Star Trek in the atmosphere all the time, but not always on top of each other,” confirmed Trek Overlord Alex Kurtzman in a meeting in April 2019.

The Release of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

So with Lower Decks less complicated in the production cycle, so it would be wise to assume that Star Trek: Discovery season 3. It’ll Be the first to Follow Star Trek. Picard will debut in the US, so if CBS takes the desire for a way of Trek in the air seriously, Discovery will land close to its premiere.

That would put the Star Trek: Discovery year three launch date. Now, however, there are no official updates to get a launch date.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3

This would be consistent with the release schedule for Discovery seasons — that the season followed. The Star Trek: Discovery for season 3 release date for April 2020 has been 15 months following the season 2 landing, so the time was definitely within acceptable parameters. But by early next year, we could expect it due to this pandemic.

The Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3

It had been on Saturday, October 5, 2019, when the very first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery year three aired in the New York Comic-Con. The trailer doesn’t say much about what lies in the setup. But it will provoke you that the team is transported 930 years into the future. We have to wait to see what this new storyline will pick up.

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