Rajkummar Rao to play a troubled cop in Hindi remake of Telugu thriller ‘HIT’

Rajkummar Rao

A couple of months before a nationwide lockdown was announced, Telugu thriller HIT: The First Case fronted Ruhani Sharma and by Vishwak Sen, appeared a big winner in the box-office down South. Dr. Sailesh Kolanu-directorial was among the last film to open in the theatres, and its run was cut short when fear exerted from the coronavirus pandemic started keeping away the audience. Mirror has learnt the mystery movie will be remade in Hindi with Rajkummar Rao. It’ll Be made by Kuldeep Rathore and by Dil Raju.

Confirming the information, Raj told Mirror, “Once I saw HIT, I immediately connected with the narrative. It is relevant in today’s times and engaging. As an actor, I am always watching for characters I have not explored, and HIT gives the chance to accomplish that to me. I’m excited about this trip.”

The movie revolves around a cop in the Crime Investigation Department functioning in the Homicide Intervention Team, Who’s on the trail of a missing woman. It is expected to roll in 2021 and is currently being contested keeping the sensibilities of an audience in mind.

Sailesh elaborated on the story, notifying that the cop of Raj is caught in a battle between his past and the current. “He’s a troubled character and that I wanted to cast someone who can bring that darkness into the role and make the audience root for him using a mature operation,” reasons the manager who believes that Raj can evoke just this response. “I have been following his work since Shaitaan, he’s a terrific actor and has managed to surprise us with his performance each time.”

The Telugu film had an open-end, hinting in a sequel and Sailesh admits Part Two is in the works. “It’s the potential to be an effective franchise at Bollywood, too, since the assumption is global instead of local,” he says, revealing that he’ll be tweaking some parts, the idea would be to make a more realistic world of crime and evaluation with a whole lot of attractively flawed grey characters encircle it with numerous stories unfold within that world.

Aside from HIT, Dil Raju is also creating Mrunal Thakur from the lead, Jersey, together with Shahid Kapoor and the Hindi adaptation of Nani’s 2019 sport play. The movie’s shoot was halted in March along with the manufacturers who are currently waiting for normalcy to return so that they complete the remaining 30 percent and could resume work.


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