The 100 Season 8: Release Date And Who Will Be In The Cast?

The 100 Season 8

The 100 is presumably one of the teenage dramas on television right now. The series is currently in its seventh season and is already making headlines for its plot. So much so that the lovers are wondering about this show’s future. Here is everything we know about The 100’s season so much:

The 100:

Jason Rothenberg for the CW Television Network creates the series. The first season of the show gained praise for its narrative and visual outcomes and released in 2014.

What is The 100 about?

The series occurs at a planet ravaged by a nuclear attack where the surviving humans live in the space on a ship named Ark. Ninety-seven years afterward, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see whether it can be habited again or never. The show follows their battle for survival and the journey of those 100 teens.

Will there be an eighth season of The 100?

The 100 Season 8

As previously mentioned this series, which released May 2020’s season, is now running on TV. It had been made apparent that the seventh season will mark the close of the collection when the season was announced in April 2019. So yes, The 100 won’t be returning for another season.

And yet, there is some silver lining.

The founder Rothenberg of the show announced that they are working on a prequel. The name for the same has been announced. The pilot to the series will appear in this show’s seventh season. The episode will be called ‘Anaconda’. There have been no announcements about the release of this prequel as of yet.

We do know about the cast for this prequel series. These include Iola Evans as Callie, Adain Bradley as Reese, and Leo Howard as August.

In summary, we could say that we might not be visiting buddies and Clarke on screen, but the prequel will be well worth the wait!


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