Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 Part 2: Release Date, Stories and Latest Updates

Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 Part 2

When will Netflix release the portion of Unsolved Mysteries season 1? And what will the new episodes be about? Here’s what things to expect.

When will Netflix release the second part of Unsolved Mysteries period 1? And what will the new episodes be about? In January 2019, Netflix arranged a reboot of their docuseries that was popular, and six new episodes were released on July 1, 2020. Due to the prevalence of the Unsolved Mysteries reboot, streamers are ready to start investigating a new batch of cold cases.

Unsolved Mysteries originally aired from 1987 to 2010 on various networks, but it is famous for the initial NBC run hosted by the late Robert Stack. The Netflix reboot retains the pacing and tone, which made the series so bizarrely captivating and came with a shape homage to Stack during the opening order. However, executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer did make several structural tweaks to its Unsolved Mysteries reboot (that is the 15th season of the show entire ), as fresh episodes concentrate entirely on standalone stories and do not include a narrator. Incidentally, there’s more material for streamers to consume, and more attention to detail all around.

Netflix’s variant of Unsolved Mysteries features stories about missing people who have never been found (“House of Terror,” “Missing Witness”), and tales about confirmed deaths that continue to confuse investigators (“Mystery on the Rooftop,” “13 Minutes,” “No Ride Home”). There’s also a supernatural-themed episode, “Bershires UFO,” that fully captures the original series’s soul. But what will the next six episodes be around? Here’s what things to expect from Unsolved Mysteries year (or”volume”) 1, component 2 on Netflix.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 1, Part 2 Release Date

Unsolved Mysteries Season 1 Part 2

According to the Meurer above (via Variety), the next half of Unsolved Mysteries season 1 will launch “sometime later this season.” The episodes have reportedly been completed today, but Netflix will most likely wish to spread out the goods to capitalize all the hype, and to assess streaming numbers to the first six episodes. Expect Unsolved Mysteries season 1, part 2 to release in the fall or early winter.

Unsolved Mysteries Season 1, Part 2 Stories

Meurer verified that Unsolved Mysteries season, part 2 would incorporate a ghost story that’s “unusual” and “a bit different.” Beyond that, the executive producer revealed two of the new episodes would probably be “global” like “House of Terror,” an Unsolved Mysteries incident about a French guy with noble legacy, Xavier Dupont p Ligonnès, who allegedly killed his wife and four kids before disappearing.

Overall, the new set of Unsolved Mysteries episodes will have a little something for everybody. Meurer stated that “We have got international versus domestic, we have rural, we have age diversity, we have cultural and racial diversity.” Based on that information, Netflix subscribers can expect a significant city murder mystery and one story focused on an elderly individual. There will be ghosts, and there’ll be an international appeal. But will any of those cases be solved by streaming sleuths? So far, the evidence indicates that Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix will probably be a 2020 cultural phenomenon if it’s not already.


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