Marvel fans have been clamouring to get a Black Widow film since Scarlett Johansson brought the super-spy with Iron Man 2 to the screen in 2010. Not only is that that the personality is finally getting her solo debut, but she is permanently kicking Marvel’s brand new Phase 4 – provided that COVID-19 does not cause any flaws. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite literally entering a new stage.

However, Marvel Studios has some pressing questions it will have to answer for lovers in this first Stage 4 movie. Like, what’s next for her function from the MCU and Black Widow? Remember her story arc ended with Avengers: Endgame. Here to help give you a better idea of this new Black Widow movie hitting cinemas later this year, including how it may affect the potential of the MCU.

Black Widow: Release date

Marvel Studios announced at the start of the pandemic that it pushed back the launch of this film from 1 May 2020 to 6 November 2020, as if fans have not already waited long enough for Black Widow. Another Marvel film, The Eternals, was initially scheduled to premiere that date; it has been delayed.

Black Widow: Plot

Black Widow

For the uninitiated, Marvel plans and releases movies from phases that are connected that are narrative. Many of the titles in each stage are films on characters, plus they usually develop toward the Avengers teaming up to take care of a hazard in the picture of this stage. Stage 3 bucked that trend by incorporating on Spider-Man: Far From Home as something of an Epilogue to the first few phases’ Infinity Stone-driven saga.

This positions Black Widow in an exciting place. It is going to start a new period Phase 4, of Marvel films, though it’s set a decade in the past phase of this MCU. It is starring a character who perished in Stage 3. Thus, it’s a very Phase 3-ish film, and it’s intended to be a Stage 4 film.

Black Widow: Cast and crew

Here is a selection of the main cast and crew, All who have been verified by Marvel Studios:

  • Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff
  • Florence Pugh – Yelena Belova
  • Rachel Weisz – Melina Vostokoff
  • David Harbour – Alexei Shostakov aka The Red Guardian
  • Robert Downey Jr.. – Tony Stark aka Iron Man
  • William Hurt – Thaddeus Ross
  • Cate Shortland – Director
  • Kevin Feige – Producer
  • Eric Pearson – Writer
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