Black Summer Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Who is in the The Cast?

Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer is all set to come back with its second season. The Netflix zombie tv series was first aired on April in 2019. The show’s creators are John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. Black Summer is a devastating zombie net series of Netflix where Rose gets separated from her daughter called Anna. She then goes on a trip to locate her daughter, who is stressed and full of troubles. The producers of this series are Asylum Production Company and Jodi Binstock. Here are the details regarding the second season.

Black Summer Season 2 Release:

Black Summer has got a massive fan base, and it has become one of the shows that were popular on Netflix. Its first season premiered on 19th April this past year, it’s fans are eagerly waiting for its year 2’s launch. Thus, you will be pleased to hear that the season of Dark Summer was renewed by Netflix in November 2019, consisting of 8 episodes.

But sad to say, the release date of the series is not known. Earlier, this series’ launch has been scheduled to be in 2020, but as a result of the crisis, we could expect it to emerge in late 2020 or 2021.

Dark Summer Season 2 Cast:

Black Summer Season 2

The season 2 of The Black Summer is going to come back with its main cast members which include Jaimy King who plays the part of Rose, Justin Chu Cary who plays the part of Julius James, Sal Velez Jr who plays the part of William Velez, Kelsey Flower who plays the role of Lance and Christina Lee who plays the role of Korean girls in the series. Apart from them, many actors are added to the cast along with the lead characters in season two.

Dark Summer Season 2 Plot:

You can always expect the unexpected after the story is all about Zombies and Personal. And this is what Jaime King has advised in a meeting. She explained,” What can I tease is that anything you think does not occur, won’t occur. It will keep you on your feet.”

Survive yourself. Ugh…! Like Black Summer is a success story, I mean. From the first season, we’d discovered that Rose gets separated from her daughter at the middle of this apocalypse. And guess what, Jaime king had revealed earlier this season, that will be the case for Season two too. The zombies are not defeated, so the danger hasn’t been prevented.

Dark Summer enjoys many fans due to its science fiction and narrative and is exciting. Let’s hope to see some more of it. For further details regarding the release, you” ll have to wait. Till then, stay tuned.

Trailer Of Season 1


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