V Wars Season 2: Is V- Wars Returning For Yet Another Season?

V Wars Season 2

Fans can never get enough of the vampire stories, and that’s why all of the shows are such strikes against viewers. We had been glad when one of our treasured onscreen vampire Ian Somerhalder returned for still another narrative V- Wars on Netflix. Let’s take a look into the details of the show and the upcoming season.

Is V- Wars Returning For Another Season?

The period is not yet been renewed. Even though the season has been a hit amongst viewers, however, leading celebrity Ian Somerhalder has teased some big revelations about the season, and fans would not want to miss that.

Ian Somerhalder Talks About The Possibilities:

V Wars Season 2

Since Ian has shown in an exclusive interview, there are going to be two new characters in season 2. The two characters are going to be a father-daughter perform, and they are anticipated to play a significant part in the season. The actor has said that the series is a one, it was a step which will help them into the way they think and the culture.

Ian Somerhalder has voiced his optimistic expectations concerning the second season being renewed. Netflix has yet made no announcement, but fans are hopeful to see what is next in this vampire/ human war series. The celebrity has discussed the storyline design of the series and how it differs from other Vampire series.

There Might Be Two New Additions From Your Second Season Onwards!

The Vampire Diaries celebrity who is not only the producer of this series but has also directed the show finale went on to talk about how this is the first series that has nothing supernatural about it. It is mostly about drugs and science, and they are currently trying the improve the writing by including personality that may be represented globally. They wanted to create a link, and these two characters will difference that bridge. We, too, are appearing toward seeing the way the story unravels farther in the Netflix series.


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