Sooryavanshi Co-star Kartika Sahoo Sells Vegetables to Survive Coronavirus Pandemic

Sooryavanshi Co-star Kartika Sahoo

Bollywood celebrity Kartika Sahoo, who has a fight sequence with Akshay Kumar in his upcoming movie Sooryavanshi has resorted to selling veggies to make ends meet.

With film production being postponed for over three weeks, the entertainment sector came to a halt. Some actors are finding it difficult to maintain the lockdown. Bollywood actor Kartika Sahoo from Odisha has resorted to making ends meet.

Sahoo said he travelled to test his luck in Bollywood and functioned as a bodyguard to actors such as Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan. In 2018 he landed some roles in action sequences of several films and had a fight sequence with Akshay Kumar in his film Sooryavanshi.

But after completing a fight sequence, Sahoo moved back to Odisha before the lockdown. He had been residing off for four weeks on his economies, but following a health emergency in the family and absence of work, it was hard for him to make ends meet. He searched in Bhubaneswar for work but had no chance. Consequently, he resorted to selling veggies.

Actor Javed Hyder was also thought to be selling vegetables to make ends meet amid the lockdown. His movies of selling vegetables onto a cart had gone viral on social networking. He’s worked in films like Baabarr (2009) and Aamir Khan-Rani Mukherji’s Ghulam (1998) and TV series Jeannie Aur Juju (2012).

But he clarified he wasn’t selling vegetables on the cart but made videos to inspire people and make them understand that’no job is little.’


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