Fans have been waiting for information about the second season of superhero satire The Boys, since making a huge splash when it debuted on Amazon Prime Video summer.

Fortunately, we learn more about the hotly anticipated follow-up, which will continue the story of Billy Butcher’s band of vigilantes and their war against horrible corporate-owned super-team The Seven.

The satirical drama is shaping up to be one of the biggest television shows of 2020, procuring an advance renewal for year three plus a spin-off chat show hosted by Aisha Tyler.

Kicking off a week ahead of the second season, Prime Rewind: Within The Boys will feature cast interviews, discussion on the plot developments, and evaluation of the hidden easter eggs.

Amazon Prime Video has launched an extended clip from year two, which sees Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) return as menacing CEO Stan Edgar, who’s attempting to gain political power with his living weapons.

In the event the shocking scene is any indication, the series has not lost any of its edges, and its characters will be terrifying in the episodes to come.

Amazon has also dropped The Boys season 2 preview, which shows a nationwide search for Billy Butcher and his associates, while Homelander becomes more involved in his son’s life.

When are The Boys season two’s release date?

It was announced on 26th June 2020 the next season of the show would premiere on 4th September 2020 — even though in a slightly different format than the earliest.

Whereas the first run found all eight episodes inserted to Prime in one go, the show is going per week for its second installment — with three episodes debuting at launching and new additions every Friday until 9th October 2020.

The behind-the-scenes talk reveals Prime Rewind: Within The Boys will premiere on 28th August using a distinctive year one recap, using a new edition accompanying each subsequent season two episodes.

The Boys season 2 Cast:

The Boys Season 2

The next season of The Boys will see the return of nearly all of the living members of the cast, including The Boys themselves headed up by Karl Urban (Thor: Ragnarok) since the intimidating Billy Butcher.

Jack Quaid will also return because of his newest accomplice.

Expect to see more of the Frenchie of Tomer Capon and Laz Alonso’s Marvin, two members of The Boys who often clash over how they should conduct their operations and Karen Fukuhara their powerful ally Kimiko that is improved.

What will happen in The Boys season 2?

*Spoilers for season 1*

As Billy Butcher found himself reunited with his lost wife, who’s shown to have been increasing the infant of Homelander, the first season of The Boys finished on a cliffhanger.

Season two will need to pick up on the fallout of that reveal and discover a way for Butcher to get the radar, which will not be easy given his incredible powers of Homelander off.

All the time, Vought International is trying to maintain dominance by securing a vital defense deal.

If they succeed at their goal, it would be a tragedy for the world, as the overseas atrocities of “superhero” Black Noir are interspersed within scenes of a stressed boardroom negotiation.

See under, but beware graphic gore and violence — this is The Boys after all, what did you expect?

The Boys season 2 Trailer:

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