WhatsApp: Can you get relief from mobile notifications? New feature coming


The most popular WhatsApp for short messages has made the way to connect with people extremely easy. But this app also has many disadvantages. For example, on the coming day, anyone adds to a group without your permission. Many times it happens that you do not even have the mind, but in compulsion, you have to be connected in that group. Keeping in mind your similar problems, WhatsApp is planning to bring a very new feature. We are giving you this excellent information.

Can mute forever

According to WAPeteinfo, a site that monitors the new features of WhatsApp, the company is preparing to bring a new feature in the notification section. The unique feature of this feature is that now you can silent or mute any group chat forever. Let us know that in the current WhatsApp, you can do such notifications only in Mute Mode for a short time.

According to the information received, WhatsApp has currently sent this new feature to select users. These users will check this new feature. If the feedback is right, then soon, this new feature will be started for everyday users as well. However, whether this will be implemented or not depends entirely on WhatsApp.

WABeteinfo has also shared a screenshot associated with this new feature. It can be seen clearly that the user has been given the option always to stop notifications. So that you can stop or resume any group chat notifications of your choice.


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