You Season 3 Release Date on Netflix And What we know so far?

You Season 3

‘You’ is an American Psychological thriller. This series falls under the psychological thriller genre and crime drama. You are about obsession. You are a psychological thriller, which has produced an enormous fan following in Western culture. In the show, you can see the passion of character presented with quite a perfection.

This show has launched two seasons with comprising ten episodes in each. Your TV show is currently following a trend of launch series over Netflix. 26th December, the first period of this series premiered in 2018’s, and then the second season premiered on 26th December in 2019. So we can hope to be found in 2020 on precisely the same date.
Your TV show is about obsession. You’re a psychological thriller, that has created an enormous fan following in culture. This TV series is an anthology which was led by various directors. Marcos Siege Lee Toland Krieger and Marta Cunningham directed the drama.

What’s Release Date?

You Season 3

The second season of You was released on Christmas of 2019. That was a Christmas gift to their fans since the trend is happening, so we can hope that the upcoming season could be released in 2021.

‘You’ franchise is following a trend of releasing seasons 26th. So we can expect the next season on 26th December of 2020, but due to coronavirus pandemic, the launch date will proceed in 2021.

The story we know So far.

Penn Badgley as the director of the series, and he is currently playing the role of psychopath killer at the series. He killed many characters in the show, and he’s a murderer.

Greg Berlanti scripted the series, and the show has gained fame. Viewers are rising day by day. Greg has done a tremendous job in portraying this character, so we can observe that something exciting in seasons.

Last season of YOU that arrived in this past year December had shown Candace and Delilah too dead, and hence surely they won’t be back in the third period of YOU. But, Penn Badgley as Joe and Victoria Pedretti as Love Queen will be back once YOU get renewed in line with its season.


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