Challans are being cut even if people are alone in the car, people are angry

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In Delhi, it is not allowed to leave the house without wearing a mask to prevent the spread of corona infection. But people are angry at the fact that their challans are being cut even though they are in the car alone, saying that they have not put on masks.

The people of Delhi are in a dilemma about Corona’s guidelines. Somewhere people are roaming openly in markets, shops, parks without wearing masks and no action is being taken against them, on the other hand, police officers are cutting their invoices by stopping people going alone without putting masks in the car. The Home Ministry and Health Ministry guidelines are being cited. Still, when people are asking the policemen to show the guidelines, then the policemen are unable to show any such order or guidelines. People are now expressing their displeasure on this issue through social media too.

After the introduction of Unlock-1, it was observed that on June 15, police started tightening up when it was seen that people were adopting a lewd attitude in following rules like social distancing, masking and spitting. In every district, challans of people who were violating the rules started being cut. As of this campaign, till Sunday, the police had deducted about 2.5 lakh challans and had deposited about two and a half crore rupees as fine. However, during this time, the police also distributed more than 2 lakh free masks, making the people aware. Still, the controversy arose when the police started cutting challans even of people going alone without putting masks in the car. During the last few days, when the number of such invoices increased, people started questioning the rules, and there was a debate in social media that nothing should be done where the police should go and take action. The police are cutting the challan by targeting those who are going alone and who will be the least likely to spread the infection to anyone.

A man named Arun Sehrawat tagged the WHO, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office to ask how the Delhi Police could cut challans in this way for thousands of people going alone without putting masks in the car. Don’t they have that much common sense? At the same time, another person has written that he has also seen that in Delhi, the policemen first stop the vehicle by giving a hand and then cut the challan without taking the photo of the person who is being masked in it. Perhaps they do not care about the privacy of others. However, some people on social media are justifying the police action citing an order issued in April. In response to this, some people are explaining to them that this order of April was issued under Unlock-1, which has no validity now. Now only those rules which are implemented under unlock-3 will be considered valid.

Police claim – action being taken under the purview of law

Regarding this, some Delhi Police officials say that it seems reasonable to hear that when someone is going alone in a car, what is the need to apply a mask. But there can be many reasons, due to which such people can either fall prey to infection or pose a threat to others. For example, if someone stopped the car on the way and asked for the address on someone by blowing the window glass or on the way, someone spits on the way or a bike rider or a cyclist at a red light came close to standing or on the signal. Only those who sell goods or beggars come near, and then there may be a risk of infection. For this reason, people going alone in the car have also been advised to wear masks. At the same time, Delhi Police spokesman Dr Ish Singhal says that the work of Delhi Police is to ensure compliance with the rules. It is written in the guidelines of Unlock-3 that if a person is going somewhere outside by any means of transport, he has to wear a mask. Keeping the same in mind, the police is taking action under the law.

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