Jalshamoviez Leaks Movie ‘Tiki Taka’ After Its OTT Release

Tiki Taka

Illegal digital piracy site Jalshamoviez has leaked the Zee 5 picture Tiki Taka for download after it premiered on OTT platform. Read more to know about it.

In India, digital piracy of articles is one of the biggest problems of the amusement market. There are lots of websites working in India that do piracy of movies and internet shows. Jalshamoviez is just one such infamous site which is famous for several movies shortly after their official release. The piracy website Jalshamoviez has now leaked Tiki Taka Zee 5 film on its illegal site. This has surely caused an enormous loss to the makers of Tiki Taka.

Jalshamoviez leaks Tiki Taka

The illegal electronic piracy site Jalshamoviez has leaked the Zee 5 film, Tiki Taka. Websites such as Jalshamoviez let users from all around the world to download the circulated articles from HD quality. Tiki Taka was released on the OTT platform Zee 5 for its customers on September 11, 2020. But within days of its release, Tiki Taka total movie download is available for netizens on the notorious site of Jalshamoviez. Tiki Taka download on Jalshamoviez is illegal, and people are advised to utilize the proper way of streaming the movie onto Zee 5.

About Tiki Taka

Tiki Taka is a comedy film on Zee 5 which is an adaptation of the original Bengali film Khelechi Ajguba. The storyline of the film revolves around Khelechi, who is an African footballer. He comes to Bengal to fulfil PK, among the mafias based in the Indian State. The comedy of errors starts when Khelechi comes across many people in his quest to satisfy PK.

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