Google Chromecast 4 Sabrina: Release date, price and other details for new Android TV box

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Google’s Chromecast 4 Sabrina is coming soon – and if you’re lucky, you can find it on a store shelf near you. The new Chromecast with Google TV leaked ancient, and you can purchase it today in select shops. The streaming device, codenamed Sabrina, got a major design and UI overhaul. It has a new name: Chromecast with Google TV. Plus, it has got distant, which new leaked pictures fully revealed for the very first time.

Some sleuthing found that the brand new Chromecast will cost as low as $50 at a few retailers – that should worry Roku and Fire TV. And it is expected to be published on September 30.

The Chromecast Ultra is just one of those best streaming devices if you want to see 4K HDR content. Google Chromecast 4 Sabrina is rumored to include HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision support, and a low-latency gaming mode that could utilize Stadia. So, it appears to continue a great deal of what people love about the Chromecast but add great new features. In that way, it could be a formidable rival to the Apple TV and Fire TV.

The leaks have revealed that the new Sabrina apparatus will have an oval shape with an imprinted ‘G’ logo. It is very likely to come in white, black, and light pink, as noticed in leaked images.

We’ve got all more rumors and information about the Chromecast 4 Sabrina, including its release date, specs, price, the remote, and more.

Chromecast 4 Sabrina release date

The release date for its Chromecast 4 or Ultra 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is expected to start Google’s Pixel 5 occasion on September 30.

A source told Protocol that Google needed to launch Chromecast Ultra two this summer, but those programs didn’t wind up exercising. Instead, Sabrina is likely to be released alongside the Pixel 5 in early October.

Some enterprising people already got their hands on the new apparatus — several days before the expected launch date. Along with a Reddit user, the Verge found the Chromecast with Google TV on the shelves at a nearby Home Depot and Walmart.

Chromecast 4 Sabrina cost

The eagle-eyed colleagues at 9to5Google. Com first found that the Sabrina’s $50 price on a since-deleted listing on Home Depot’s site, and Droid-Life also found a Walmart listing for $60.

And new escape from Artem Russakovskii of Android Police found the new Chromecast apparatus was recorded for $50 at Target. Also, it revealed the Potential rebranding of the product:

The Verge and Redditor equally Purchased the early leaks of Chromecast With Google TV for $50.

In contrast, the Chromecast Ultra is priced at $69 in the Google Store.

Chromecast 4 Sabrina specs and design

Not much is known concerning the Chromecast Sabrina’s specs, but sources told 9to5Google it would physically resemble the Chromecast 3rd generation using a softer, rounder finish.

We have possibly seen the final version of the device, using a flow of some Google Android TV dongle that is codenamed ‘Sabrina.’ While some might see this as the Chromecast Ultra two or Chromecast 4, there is also a lot of speculation it will be published under the Nest branding. A leaked photo below shows an oval shape with an imprinted ‘G’ logo and comes in black, white, and pale pink.

Where the Ultra 2 will veer away from its predecessor is how it works. It will function more like a Roku or Fire TV stick. The Chromecast Ultra initial gen uses a telephone to play with content.

We also saw a sneak peek at the brand new remote in the XDA Developers report. As you can see, there’s a dialup, in addition to buttons for Google Assistant, play, favorite, mute, house, and back.

WinFuture leaked some new images that revealed that the remote was revised. Now it sports committed YouTube and Netflix buttons.

The new Ultra will continue to support 4K HDR content. Users may also Have the Ability to download apps for streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus in the Google Play Store. And it is expected to encourage the Stadia cloud gambling service.

Chromecast 4 Sabrina software 

The Chromecast 4 or Chromecast Sabrina will feature the newest Android TV operating system and highlight individual movie and TV show titles instead of apps. Sources told Protocol the new interface would resemble the Fire TV home display.

Android TV is a version of Google’s operating system designed for televisions. The platform is developing into a smart TV (such as the Sony Bravia) and certain streaming video players like the Nvidia Shield.

There is a rumor that Google intends to rebrand Android TV into Google TV and yet another one that says that the Chromecast Ultra 2 will probably be branded as Nest merchandise. That might make sense because Google has been utilizing Nest as the umbrella brand for the smart home and entertainment hardware apparatus.

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