Special aircraft from America for Prime Minister and President of America, equipped with special communication and advanced defense system

Special aircraft

Special aircraft Air India One from the US reached Delhi Airport on Thursday. The aircraft will be used during the visits of the President, Vice President, and Prime Minister. It has a special communication system. Through this, audio-video communication will be possible in the air, and it cannot be hacked.

What is special about this aircraft?

  • The aircraft is equipped with advanced defense systems and can also retaliate by thwarting a missile attack.
  • This aircraft can be refueled in the air. After refueling, it can fly continuously for 17 hours.
  • The aircraft can cover about 12 and a half thousand km from India to the US at one go.
  • The aircraft has large cabins for VIPs and also a medical center.
  • There is also space for media in the aircraft. The rear seats are economy class, and the remaining seats are business class.

Two aircraft are traded from America

India had signed a deal to buy two Boeing-777ER aircraft (Air India One) from the US. One of them has arrived in India. All types of testing of Air India One (B-777) aircraft have already been done.

Air India has just got this aircraft, and it will be handover to the Indian Air Force later. Until the Air Force pilots become experts in flying this aircraft, Air India pilots will also be part of the aircraft operating team.


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