Taboo Season 2: Everything We Know About This Show

Taboo Season 2

In 2017, Tom Hardy’s barbarous period drama struck the BBC running. Taking the unusual Saturday night time slot usually reserved for much more ‘healthy’ entertainment, Taboo would end up being a huge hit with international audiences.

Tonally uncompromising, unusually graphic and put against one of the fascinating periods in history, Taboo has garnered international acclaim, leaving fans wondering season two will arrive.

James Delaney, recently returned from Africa, beset with his dark past and rumoured associations with black magic, has something more valuable to the Crown and the East India Company compared to the usual handful of diamonds – land. Delaney sets out on a dangerous route because he places himself in the centre of a struggle for trading rights in the Americas, leading to murder, betrayal and the promise of adventure.

With rumours surrounding the next season, we have a thorough look at where Delaney and his rogue agents are going. The second season holds the promise of answers with his shady past, and a descent into the sinister world of captivity, global espionage, and the war between Britain and America over Nootka Sound, the most precious asset on each side of the Atlantic…


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