Bihar Election 2020: Aishwarya Rai is not going to stall in the political path of Tej Pratap Yadav, Lalu has saved the possibility of friendship in enemy

Lalu Yadav

The thirty-six relationship between the families of Lalu Prasad (Lalu Prasad Yadav) and Chandrika Prasad Rai (Chandrika Prasad Rai) is well known since the divorce case of Aishwarya Rai and Tej Pratap Yadav (Tej Pratap Yadav). Both families belong to former CMs of Bihar. Earlier reports were coming that Lalu will nominate his only niece Karishma Rai in Parsa against his sister Chandrika Rai. It was also being said that Chandrika could also contest her daughter Aishwarya against Tej Pratap (Tej Pratap) or Tejashwi Yadav on a JDU ticket. He even gave such a hint, but now it is not going to happen. Both families have preserved the scope of friendship even in enmity.

Lalu showed softness

Lalu Prasad saw the softening of family bitterness. He has so far kept his nephew’s niece Karishma Rai in the barracks. After taking RJD membership on July 2 this year, Karisma claimed that she was ready to contest against her uncle Chandrika Rai on the instructions of the high command. But Lalu has nominated Chhoti Lal Rai, who came from LJP, from Parsa, the traditional seat of Samadhi Chandrika Rai, who has been losing and winning against Chandrika earlier. In the last election, on the RJD ticket, Chandrika defeated Chhote Lal by more than 43 thousand votes. The younger was in LJP then. Abki has come to the RJD after Chandrika’s JDU. In 2010, Chhote Lal, on a JDU ticket, had put a brake on the victory of Chandrika, who had been winning since 1990.

JDU also did not allow the competition to be built

Well, after Lalu’s optimistic stance, Chandrika’s new party JDU also did not allow any contest between two close relatives. It was earlier being said that the RJD’s only star campaigner, Tejashwi Yadav, would make a strategy to surround JDU in his constituency Raghopur. For this, his sister-in-law Aishwarya Rai can be fielded in Maidan-Jung. But instead of increasing bitterness, JDU removed itself from the front. The JDU, which defeated Rabri Devi from the same seat in 2010, has now put it in the BJP’s account under a rapport.

The possibility of fighting on the Mahua seat also ends

The possibility of fighting Aishwarya on the JDU ticket from Mahua, the second important seat for the Lalu family, is now completely gone. JDU has nominated Asma Parveen, daughter of former minister Ilyas Hussain, from here. The last time Tej Pratap was elected from here. This time he has changed the seat. He will be the RJD nominee from Hasanpur instead of Mahua, where he will face JDU MLA Rajkumar Rai.

Family anger will not be seen

It is clear that up to a month ago, family feuds had brought both families to the point where it seemed impossible to return. But now it is also sure that the political rivalry between Lalu and Chandrika may be seen during the election. Still, the acrimony of the cross will not be seen, as was being anticipated earlier.


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