Is PUBG Mobile coming back in India? Why is such discussion happening

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a popular game in India. However, some time ago, the Government of India banned PUBG mobiles in India. At the moment, there is no information about when this ban will be removed or even removed.

Meanwhile, a vacancy has been removed from PUBG Corporation for hiring. In such a situation, some people are taking it as a hint that the ban can be lifted in India by PUBG. But it cannot be assumed from the job posting that PUBG Mobile is coming back.

A job has been posted on LinkedIn by PUBG Corporation, the developer and publisher of the popular Battle Royale game PUBG. This post has been removed for the post of ‘Corporate Development Division Manager’.

According to the information given, PUBG Corporation is looking for a person who can focus on the Indian market and develop an overall strategy for merger and acquisition and investment.

Also, in this role, the candidate will have to support the setup process for PUBG India with guidance from Krafton’s headquarters in South Korea. Taking this information as the basis, some people think that the return of PUBG Mobile in India can be done. However, only PUBG is written in the job description and not PUBG mobile.

For your information, let the Government of India ban PUBG mobile in the country early last month. However, PUBG available on PC and gaming consoles in India can be accessed. In such a situation, there is also a possibility that this hiring is happening for PUBG and not for the mobile version.


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