Naxalbari Trailer: Fight between the Naxalites and the government, the trailer is strong


Continuing to entertain its viewers, Zee 5 has released the trailer of its upcoming web series ‘Naxalbari.’ A few days ago, the series’s trailer was released, which caught everyone’s attention, after which everyone was waiting for the trailer to be released. The series featured a fight between the Naxalites and the government. Where every side is fighting for its interest, the series will be released on 28 November.

Talking about the trailer, Rajiv Khandelwal said, ‘The channel’s creative has worked very hard to make this show. The trailer shares viewers with a glimpse of the war between the Naxalites, who have their agenda, and the industrialist has his agenda. And then there is politics. Everyone is considering that they are doing all this for good, but apart from that, a lot is going on. A lot has been done for this project, and I hope the audience likes it ‘.

This trailer is equipped with a drama full of intense action, and it keeps you tied to your seat. The ‘Naxalbari’ will also underline the socio-political inclusion, which causes the Naxalites’ disturbance. The series is directed by Partho Mitra and produced by GSEAMS (Arjun and Karthik), which will premiere on 28 November on Zee 5. This series will have eight episodes. The series will feature Rajiv Khandelwal, TV actress Tina Dutta, Sreejita Dey, and Satyadeep Mishra.


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