‘Letter for the King’ Season 2: Renewal Status & Everything We Know

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A Games of All Thrones-Esque String for the younger audiences, The Letter for Its King was the surprise package of March. Following a successful first year, readers are already looking forward to a possible second. We will be keeping track of all of the details for season 2 of The Letter for the King, for example, plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

The Letter for the King is a Netflix Original family adventure series according to the Dutch book De brief Voor de Koning by author Tonke Dragt. The publication is one of the most beloved Dutch tales in history, and it has received numerous reprints over the decades since its first publication in 1962.

Tiuri, a teenage squire, answers a call for help that sends him on a dangerous mission across the 3 kingdoms to deliver a secret letter to the King.

Has Netflix renewed The Letter for the King for a second season?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 25/03/2020)

At the time of writing, The Letter for the King has been accessible to stream on Netflix for a little over a week. This means it is still too early for Netflix to decide on the future of this dream collection.

We’re at a time in our history that means many millions of readers are needed to remain in your home. The likelihood is, The Letter for your King will probably be receiving more views, so the chances for renewal are rising day today.

As an enjoyable fantasy adventure series, we would like to see the series return at some stage later on.

Does the story require a second season?

The conclusion of this first season certainly left the story open for a second.

At the end of the year, Tiuri was successful in his quest to deliver the letter to King Unauwen, showing that the betrayal of Prince Viridian. Regardless of the transformation to the shadow creature by Prince Viridian, he had been defeated by Lavinia, demonstrated to be the prophecied hero.

Upon their return to Dagonaut, Tiuri, Arman, Foldo, and Jussipo’s younger brother Piak have been given the honor of getting fully-fledged knights. As the service drew to a close, and the season, Tiuri noticed the flock of Starlings flying overhead. As the community passes away, it takes the shape of Prince Viridian’s face, hinting at his survival.

What can we expect from season 2?

In a bait and switch, it was revealed that Tiuri was not precisely the prophecized hero but Lavinia instead. Due to her ability, she was able to defeat Prince Viridian. Even though the Prince has been defeated, it’s more than likely he will go back to wreak havoc upon the kingdoms.

If the Prince would be to reunite, it’ll be up to Lavinia to use her power once again to defeat him.

Does Tiuri have dormant magical power?

Despite the bait and switch, there is still a strong possibility that Tiuri has dormant power residing within him. The Eviellan blood, which resides in Tiuri’s veins, has magical properties, and he can use that power to help Lavinia defeat Prince Viridian once more.

The second season could delve into any magical potential that the young knight may have.

Iona becomes a Red Rider?

Throughout the first season, the deceiving Iona started a strained friendship with the Red Riders, Jaro. After her betrayal was disclosed, and her subsequent actions against Tiuri, Iona is currently on the street with the reluctant Red Rider Jaro.

Iona still has lots to learn but has already demonstrated how gifted she’s in combat, stealth, and manipulating others. With Jaro taking her under his wing, she’ll become even more ruthless and frightful and can be expected to cause all manner of trouble for our heroes in season 2.

To fit the bill, a wardrobe change might be in store for Iona, donning the Red Riders’ red mantle that drives fear into the hearts of the common folk.

Will the second season cover the second book The Secrets of the Wild Wood?

Letter for the King Season 2

The Letter for the King is just loosely based on the publication De brief Voor de Koning. Many particulars in the book were modified to the series adaptation.

It’s more than likely the next season will take some degree of inspiration from the second book. However, the changes made to the show today means it functions as its stand-alone narrative and would not require source material from the next book, The Secrets of the Wild Wood.

When can we expect to see The Letter for the King season 2 on Netflix?

We are a long way away from the second season available to stream on Netflix to get a significant number of reasons.

Primarily, we’re still waiting on renewal for the sequence. Secondly, if The Letter for the King is to be revived, there is a matter of waiting for the second season to be filmed and all of the post-production. Lastly, many of the productions Netflix had ongoing have been delayed due to this coronavirus pandemic. This implies, even when The Letter for your King is renewed, filming will probably be postponed for the series.

Before, we would have predicted a possible Summer 2021 release date. Together with the current flaws, we consider that a Winter 2021 release date in the oldest is a more realistic prospect.

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