Netflix confirms the departure of ‘Friends’ from its catalog in Latin America


They say that everything in life is a cycle. There are a beginning and an end, unfortunately for many fans of the popular series of the 90s, that phrase has more weight because officially ‘Friends’ will be released from Netflix Latin America.

Since the launch of the streaming platform, HBO Max, it was announced that in several countries the series would no longer be part of the Netflix catalogue, and while in the United States it was from the end of 2019, there were still countries that did not take that measure.

HBO Max owns the broadcast rights to all 236 episodes of the series, due to an agreement with Warner Bros.

The news that the series will leave the Netflix catalogue in Latin America was made known by the same streaming platform through a publication on its official social networks.

“Thanks for all the laughs, gossip and coffee. I tried, friends”, the platform’s official account began publication, but this will not be the only one affected.

‘Friends’ will come out of Netflix Latin America, along with ‘El Príncipe del Rap’ and ‘Gossip Girl’, which is not surprising if you analyze a little the news regarding each of the series mentioned.

‘The Prince of Rap’ had a meeting with his entire original cast during the coronavirus pandemic, which was broadcast on the HBO Max channel.

In the case of ‘Friends’ there is a planned meeting, which was scheduled for 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was delayed for next year.

While the situation of ‘Gossip Girl’ is different since the series will have a reboot, virtually, on HBO Max.

We will have to wait for the launch of HBO Max in Latin America to see if they will be available in the catalogue along with the specials mentioned above, for the moment the productions continue on Netflix until December 31, 2020.


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