Scripts ready! ‘Better Call Saul’ would record its final season in 2021

Better Call Saul

When the sixth season of the spin-off of ‘Breaking Bad’ is released, it will have surpassed the original series, in terms of episodes by only one. It will have closed the book on the lawyer that everyone loves, that could be soon since they have given to know that ‘Better Call Saul’ would start recording in 2021.

In a new interview, series co-creator Peter Gould confirmed that his goal is to begin producing the series in the first part of 2021.

Gould also confirmed that work to write the new season has been underway for months thanks to virtual meetings and that they are further along than they usually would be if they had met in person.

“Our fervent wish is to be recording early next year, we are in a Zoom session every day. We meet for two weeks at the beginning of the season and have been remotely ever since,” said Peter Gould.

The issue of saying where the characters will end up in the final season also came up, and Gould said that while things are different than they usually would, they still keep some narrative secrets.

“This is kind of a new situation because we usually keep writing the episodes as we shoot and we are going to have more of them this time,” added Peter Gould.

The co-creator of ‘Better Call Saul’ specified that there would be more changes to be made along the way, once you see how it all works, “we are going to have a few more scripts than we usually do … it still takes a little time to do them. ”

‘Better Call Saul’ would begin filming in 2021, this will be the sixth and last season of the series, and although it was going to premiere that year, it is not clear if that date will be maintained, although it could be changed to 2022. Bob Odenkirk will return once again as the head attorney.


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