‘Vikings’ creator reveals real reason for ending series


After debuting on the History channel years ago and accumulating a considerable following, the series is expected to wrap up next year. Still, it wasn’t until now that it was revealed why ‘Vikings’ would come to an end.

The series’ latest batch of episodes will premiere on Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2021, and it’s safe to say that some fans don’t want the series to end just yet.

According to series creator Michael Hirst, the final episodes will be narratively satisfying.

In a recent interview, Hirst revealed why ‘Vikings’ would come to an end, explaining that he saw the upcoming season as the right time to end the series because of his creativity and because the series had reached its natural conclusion.

“I knew in a global sense where I was ultimately going to go. And it was very satisfying, in a way, when we got to what I knew was going to be last season. I also felt like I had said everything I had to say. really about Vikings, “Hirst explained.

The creator explained that since he started the series “he was fascinated by their culture and beliefs, and I wanted to tear down all these prejudices and clichés about them. And then I fell in love with these main characters. Often my days and nights for seven years were full of Vikings. ”

Hirst detailed that he had to give these various stories a satisfying conclusion, which in no way misled any viewers who have also become fond of the characters.

But as Hirst joked, the final season will not be without its sour drinks, as bringing the series to a natural ending includes some tough goodbyes.

The release date of the final episodes of ‘Vikings’ is unknown, but it will be sometime in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

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