The National Stock Exchange has apologized by deleting bold pictures of Mouni Roy tweeted from its official Twitter handle. However, Twitter users are making fun of NSE for this mistake. On Saturday, tweeting some bold pictures of Mouni Roy from NSE’s Twitter handle, wrote that she would set them on fire.

With the National Stock Exchange’s official Twitter handle, the NSE is bound to be shocked if you share ‘savory’ pictures of Bollywood actresses with hashtags like ‘Sexy Diva’, ‘Hot Girl’. This is what happened on Saturday. Hot photos of the beautiful actress Mouni Roy were shared on the NSE’s Twitter handle, saying that the actress’s looks will set her on fire. Then what was it that Twitter users started enjoying and started making fun of NSE?

About two-and-a-half hours later, the NSE found the ‘mistake’, and the tweet was deleted. The NSE also apologized to Twitter users, calling it a human error. But that tweet caught the attention of more Twitter users and many users started poking fun at this ‘mistake’ of the country’s prestigious stock exchange. Although the incident was on Saturday, the NSE continues to be pulled on Twitter on Sunday.

Apologizing for sharing pictures of Mouni Roy with her handle, NSE tweeted, ‘Today there was an unwanted post from the NSE handle at 12:25 pm. This was a human mistake made by the agency handling the NSE account. There was no hacking. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our followers.

This tweet from NSE caught the attention of Twitter users. Those who had not seen the tweet containing pictures of Mouni Roy also got interested in what was in the ‘unwanted post’. Then what, people started mocking NSE by sharing screenshots of deleted tweets. Some users gave hilarious reactions, and some called this ‘mistake’ quite serious.

One user wrote that this happens when an employee with notice period does not get sufficient compensation. Someone wrote that this would happen when you call the employee on weekends too.

Some Twitter users wrote that what was the need for forgiveness, the pictures were good. At the same time, some users also raised questions, calling this mistake severe and shameful.

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