All landline users must add ‘0’ before making calls to mobile numbers from today

landline users
  • Airtel and Jio have informed their Xstream and fiber customers to start adding the 0 prefix before making calls to mobile numbers.
  • All landline numbers will need to add the prefix 0 before making calls to any mobile phone number starting today, January 15, 2021.
  • TRAI had noted that the “0” prefix for calls from landlines to mobile numbers would generate 2.544 million additional numbering resources for mobile services.

Telecom companies Airtel and Jio have advised their XStream and fiber clients to begin adding the prefix ‘0’ before making calls to mobile numbers from today, sticking to the Department of Telecom (DoT)’s directive. “Please ensure to prefix”0” if you are dialing any mobile number from a fixed-line number. This change in dialing pattern successful January 15 is following the dirt directiveJio toll its clients. Vodafone Idea or Vi and authorities telcos BSNL and MTNL will also be required to do the same.

In November 2020, DoT accepted TRAI’s proposal and stated that with effect from January 15, 2021, all landline amounts must dial mobile numbers with prefix zero. The department noted that doing so will free up adequate numbering resources for future use. It also directed that an announcement be fed at the fixed-line making users aware of the change — to dial 0 before making a phone to some mobile amount from their landlines.

“Each of the fixed-line subscribers should be provided with’0′ dialing facility, that is, STD dialing facility. Compliance with the same may be intimated,” a round dated November 20, 2020, was posted on DoT’s website. “Fixed-to-mobile calls shall be dialed with prefix’0′. A suitable announcement may be fed in the fixed-line switches to appraise the fixed-line subscribers about the requirement of dialing the prefix ‘0’ for all fixed-to-mobile calls,” it added. Mobile phones could be retrieved from a fixed-line phone, within a service area, with no dialing prefix ‘0’.

The regulator in its recommendation newspaper had stated that the debut of a dialing prefix for a specific type of telephone is not akin to increasing the number of digits in the telephone number. TRAI had noted that prefixing’0′ for calls from fixed line to mobile numbers would generate 2,544 million additional numbering resources for mobile services to cater to their future requirements. The telecom regulator further said that migration into a unified or single numbering strategy for fixed-line and mobile services isn’t required for now. Sufficient numbering distance can be created by various methods, such as prefixing”0″ for all fixed to mobile calls.

The ministry noted that the changes had been done to have minimal inconvenience to the readers and free up essential numbering resources. TRAI had also made recommendations such as changing from 10-digit to 11-digit numbering scheme in case of mobile numbers that can give a total capacity of 10 billion numbers.
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