With more details on his suit! They publish a new photo of Red Hood in ‘Titans 3’

Titans 3

The team of DC heroes assistants is ready to return with many surprises for its third part, one of which is the transformation of Jason Todd as Red Hood, the most enigmatic and popular anitheroe in the Batman universe, so to further raising the expectations of this character, a new photo of Red Hood in ‘Titans 3’ was shared.

Previously, the actor who plays Todd, Curran Walters, announced that his role would finally wear the red hood and indicated that for his preparation, he has been reading comics that talk about this character and even shared photographs of the comics he has bought. Later the first official images were uploaded to the internet.

Now, the show’s costume designer, Greg Hops Wood, shared on his Instagram account a new photo of Red Hood in ‘Titans 3’ where some more details of his suit are shown, such as the grayer eyes of his mask or his armor black with red that is covered by a brown leather jacket.

“Updated view of Curran Walters as The Red Hood in ‘Titans’ season 3. Greg appears to be sitting in the updated Batcave set,” reads the Tweet of a netizen who made a campaign screenshot of the material above.

It is still unknown how Jason Todd’s transformation to Red Hood in the live-action series will be because of the DC comics. It is shown that this character, after passing away, is revived by Ra’s al Ghul in Lazarus’s well, where he obtained another identity violent and merciless before the criminals of Gotham City.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that Savannah Welch would be Barbara Gordon for this third season. As for its premiere, there is no tentative date for it because its production was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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