About 100! They publish all the references that ‘Cobra Kai’ made to ‘Karate Kid’

Cobra Kai

One of the key pieces when developing a sequel or a reboot of a classic production is paying tribute to the source material, which is why Netflix shared all the references that ‘Cobra Kai’ made to ‘Karate Kid’.

The film’s roots are very clear in the series, as the production continually finds ways to relate its story to that of the original films.

It’s easy to see how Miyagi influences the series, or how the return of villains like John Kreese keeps the saga moving. However, the connections to the Karate Kid movies are more abundant than many realize.

Almost all the episodes of the third season of ‘Cobra Kai’ have some connection to ‘Karate Kid’, and it would be difficult for the most dedicated fans of the franchise to discover them all.

Fortunately, Netflix carries some of the load and helps people find all the little nods throughout the new episodes.

In this latest instalment alone, there were 23 references that ‘Cobra Kai’ made to ‘Karate Kid’, while some are easy to detect, such as the golf course and the arcade where Johnny and Ali meet again, it is the same place where Ali went on her first date with Daniel.

One of the best references of the entire third season is seen in the last episode, where Johnny arrives at the club to meet Ali at a big dinner. In a white suit jacket, Johnny nearly collided with a waiter carrying a plate of spaghetti with red sauce.

The protagonist avoids the crash and tells the waiter to leave, which is called ‘The Karate Kid’.

We will have to see the new references that ‘Cobra Kai’ will have when its fourth season is released on Netflix.


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