A different vision! New ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ series announced

From Dusk Till Dawn

The Titty Twister vampires return to the small screen to create more chaos and terror, to amuse their fans, although this TV project will have a different twist to previous instalments, since the creator of the saga, Robert Rodríguez announced this week the animated series ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.

The franchise began with the 1996 film, directed by Rodríguez, who wrote the script together with Quentin Tarantino and starring Salma Hayek, 18 years later he launched for his television channel, El Rey. This series was a reboot of the original story. Still, this time it featured the performance of the actress Eiza González.

Now in a recent interview for SFX Magazine, Rodríguez talked about how this saga grew from an independent feature film to a famous series that was distributed by Netflix, and there he confessed that he plans to make an animated series of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ that will serve as a sequel…

“Here, I have my television network (The King). And I needed to create programming, so Quentin and I still control the rights. So I said, ‘Oh wow, I would love to expand the story of Santánico Pandemonium, and all the Aztec vampire tradition for my network ‘, And then internationally, it was released as a Netflix original, I think that’s probably how you saw it, And now we’re developing an animated’ From Dusk Till Dawn ‘. You’re the first person to hear! That! “, explained the filmmaker.

Unfortunately, it is unknown if any of the original actors from both the series or film will return to lend their voice to the cartoon, and he did not give a date for a next premiere or the start of production. The fact is that the director is in development of the sequel to ‘We Can Be Heroes’, a recent Netflix original children’s film.


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