India-China Talk: Today the military commanders of India and China will be face to face, there will be talk about tension on the border

India-China Talk
  • Today, the military commanders of India and China will sit together and hold talks.
  • Earlier, the two met on 6 November.
  • Both the countries have deployed 50-50 thousand soldiers on the border, and instead of decreasing the tension is increasing.
  • Both countries also deployed tanks and weapons on the border as tensions escalated.

India-China Talk: After about two and a half months, on Sunday, again the military commanders of India and China will sit together and talk. The talks will be about tension over LAC in Ladakh, where thousands of soldiers have been face to face since May 2020. The meeting will be held between XIV Corps Commander Lt Gen PGK Menon and Commander of South Xinjiang Military Area Major General Liu Lin. The meeting between the two military commanders will be held at Lush near China on the LAC side.

According to sources, this meeting is being held after the reply to China’s memo from India. Right now, about 50-50 thousand soldiers are deployed on both sides of the border, and it is being tried that there is no untoward. India has recently transported two Chinese soldiers across the border, who had lost their way and crossed the border.

A representative of the Ministry of External Affairs will also be a part of this meeting to be held on Sunday. Also, Joint Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs Naveen Srivastava will be present in the meeting. Earlier, the military commanders met on 6 November. The last diplomatic conversation between the two countries took place on 18 December.

After the tensions began in May, the Chinese Army had moved up to about 8 km from the LAC and set up tents at several places in eastern Ladakh. Despite opposition from India, the Chinese Army did not back down, and the armies of both countries deployed additional military forces along the border. At the same time, full preparations for tanks, artillery and air raids also started on the border.

The Chinese Army was shocked by Indian troops in August last year when Pangong captured the southern edge of Tso. Indian soldiers also managed to dominate the Gurung Hill, Magar Hill, Mukherpari, Rechin La and Rejang La. At the same time, the Indian Army was also able to regain its position on the northern side of Pangong Tso. Please tell that it was also reported that there has been firing from both sides.


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