HBO’s Batwoman Season 2 Has Lowest Viewers Ever

Batwoman Season 2

Things continue to the decline for The CW’s Batwoman series as Season 2 today has the smallest amount of audiences for an episode thus far.

Following the Batwoman Season 2 premiere dropping 80 per cent, incident two sheds some other 40k audiences, as a string non of 620k audiences just tuned in last year Sunday.

The prior string low came with Season 1 Episode 17, “A Narrow Escape,” with 630k audiences back in April of 2020 when folks were stuck in the home and could watch TV. However, we see that they also chose not to watch the series.

Some shill websites think the NFL would be to blame for its reduced viewership; therefore since there’ll not be any NFL games airing this Sunday if Batwoman airs (Pro Bowl airs at 3 pm EST), we could anticipate the viewership to increase considerably, right? Guess we will find out.

Also worth a note by checking out the audience amounts below we see Batwoman awakened following its Crisis tie-in event and a significant holiday break which reveals nearly 50 per cent of the audiences stopped watching and did not bother to come back.

Season 1 also saw the death of Ruby Rose and the accession of this Javicia Leslie storyline involving Ryan Wilder which certainly has not helped.

Is not it mind-blowing these Hollywood folks sit around and think shows like this are a fantastic idea? Are you currently in the business of NOT making money???

Batwoman ratings:

Batwoman Season 2

Season 1:

Episode 1: 1.86m – Pilot

Episode 2: 1.45m

Episode 3: 1.22m

Post 4: 1.29m

Episode 5: 1.16m

Post 6: 1.09m

Episode 7: 1.01m

Post 8: 1.01m

Episode 9: 1.71m (Crisis tie-in followed closely by a month-and-a-half fracture )

Post 10: 790k

Post 11: 670k

Post 12: 850k

Post 13: 820k

Post 14: 750k

Post 15: 750k

Post 16: 770k

Post 17: 630k

Post 18: 640k

Post 19: 700k

Post 20: 740k

Season 2:

Post 1: 660k – Premiere

Post 2: 620k


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