Akshay Kumar told how he chooses his films – why it is difficult to stay in the industry

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar has been working in Bollywood for 30 years. His journey has been very spectacular. National Award winner Akshay Kumar has come a long way in the industry without any godfather. Every time he appears on the screen with a different character. This is the way fans like Akshay Kumar the most. Akshay says that it is more challenging to get work in the industry than entering the industry.

Akshay Kumar says that the biggest challenge in the industry is to keep oneself in this world. It is still easy to enter the film industry, but it is the most difficult to maintain success in the industry itself. Actor Akshay Kumar recently spoke to IANS. During this, he gave answers regarding his career and characters.

Actor Akshay Kumar, said that his father had taught him to keep doing his work, success is one day. I have followed this same lesson in my career.

What kind of films does Akshay Kumar choose?

Akshay Kumar said that he likes to choose films that have a message. I like to do different kinds of films. I would love to do these kinds of films in future also.

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