Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan, targeted by Rubina Dilaik’s sister for favoring Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss 14

The reality show Bigg Boss 14 has a special episode of Weekend War. This episode is hosted by veteran actor Salman Khan, but sometimes he is also subjected to audience criticism due to this episode. Once again, the makers of Salman Khan and Bigg Boss 14 have come under the target of the audience.

Actually, there was a lot of watching in Bigg Boss 14 last week. At home, actress Rakhi Sawant was in the news for expressing her love for Abhinav Shukla and for quarreling with her and Rubina Dilaik. Rakhi Sawant’s fierce quarrel with Nikki Tamboli was also seen. On Saturday, Salman Khan called Rakhi Sawant an entertainer in the Weekend’s episode of Weekend, while Rubina Dilac, Abhinav Shukla, and Nikki Tamboli fiercely placed the class.

In doing so, many viewers of the show have accused Salman Khan and Bigg Boss 14 makers of bias. Viewers criticized Salman Khan and the show’s makers on social media for Saturday’s Weekend War. One of them is also Jyothika Dilac, sister of Rubina Dilaik. He, too, has angered the makers and accused them of bias. Jyothika Dilac has given her response on Twitter about the weekend war of Bigg Boss 14.

He wrote in his tweet, ‘Nikki kare to badtamiji and rakhi kare to entertainment.’ At the same time, in her second tweet, Jyothika Dilac reminded the makers that this is a family show and no such thing goes on here. Jyothika Dilac did not stop here, in her other tweet, she has taken sarcasm while targeting Salman Khan. He wrote in his tweet, ‘If Rubina-Abhinav ever explains it to anyone, he is told that he is improving society. If you do not explain to anyone, then you are told why you were silent. I am very confused. Can anyone tell what Rubina-Abhinav should do in Bigg Boss 14?

All these tweets from Rubina Dilac are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Fans of the actress and viewers of all Bigg Boss 14 are very fond of the tweet.


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