With many of its series still not released this year, The CW has unveiled its first 12 series that will be renewed, which includes the second season of ‘Walker’, starring Jared Padalecki and in the same way they announced that ‘ Flash ‘would have an eighth season.

‘All American’, ‘Charmed’, ‘In the Dark’, ‘Legacies’ and ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ are the productions that will have a fourth season, in addition to those of the Arrowverse.

Additionally, The CW has ordered five additional episodes for the first season of ‘Walker’ and two additional episodes of ‘Superman & Lois’. This will make ‘Walker’ have 18 episodes in total for its first season and 15 for ‘Superman & Lois’.

‘Flash’ will have an eighth season, in the same way, the Arrowverse series ‘Batwoman’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ were renewed for a third and seventh season.

The case of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, like ‘In The Dark’, ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ is surprising since their seasons have not yet been released this year.

“Although we are just weeks away from the new season, we wanted to have a strategic edge in the upcoming season with these early renovations, allowing our production teams to begin setting story arcs and hiring staff, while continuing to provide us with a strong and stable schedule to build the next season, “said Mark Pedowitz, president and CEO of The CW.

The network has often made these types of renewal announcements, but this comes as television networks continue to grapple with the consequences of the pandemic.

The CW is also planning spinoffs of several series of its programming through pilots such as ‘Black Lightning’ around the character Painkiller, which will be broadcast during the fourth and final season of the main series, in the same way, there are also surprises regarding ‘Riverdale’.

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