Archie and his friends are ready to say goodbye to high school, as announced, in this new installment, the plot will unfold seven years after graduation, and finally, the first photos of ‘Riverdale’ were published after the jump in the time.

The third episode of the fifth season of the series inspired by the popular comics will see how the high school students who solve the mysteries in their locality, characters we have come to know and love, graduate and go their separate ways.

But, the series won’t follow them to college, or wherever Archie goes, instead, the Riverdale production jumps seven years into the future, meaning fans are going to see what Archie and his friends are like as adults.

In previous statements, KJ Apa pointed out that “although we are still in Riverdale and we are still tied to the school in a certain way, in the time skip I feel that we had to refresh our audience with a new topic, which is the fact that we are all a lot older”.

“The fact that we’re all older and it’s been a long time, no one has really kept in touch, adds a lot more to play with to the plot,” added KJ Apa.

The first photos of ‘Riverdale’ after the time jump include Archie in uniform, Betty without her characteristic ponytail, the reunion of friends and the debut of Erinn Westbrook as Tabitha Tate, the granddaughter of Pop Tate.

With simultaneous premiere in the United States and Latin America, ‘Riverdale’ premieres a new episode of this fifth season every Wednesday either on The CW or Warner Channel, as appropriate to the region.

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