Because of racist messages? Chris Pratt was canceled on social media

Chris Pratt

Actors belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe usually try to be in the fewest possible scandals, although sometimes this is inevitable, recently in social networks, one of the most important actors was accused of being a racist since what was revealed appear to be an unflattering tweet, and after these images, Chris Pratt was canceled on social media.

Through Twitter, the hashtag #RipChrisPratt became a trend and an image of what appears to be a tweet from 2012, in which you can read some racist insults, so some people began to circulate the news, but apparently, the image was modified, as the real message is very different from the one presented.

After these images were released, Chris Pratt was canceled on social networks, but the actor’s representative quickly came to his defence to show that the message spread is totally different and taken out of context, he also released the true message which, Although it is still ironic, it is not the racist message that had been presented.

“I feel like somebody smarter than me could make a joke about this.”

It must be remembered that in the past Chris Pratt was the target of some accusations, by not campaigning with other members of the MCU to support now US President Joe Biden, so some pointed out that he was a supporter of Donald Trump, so actors like Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana showed their support.

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Chris Pratt is currently in the production phase of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ in Australia, where he will have special participation alongside more actors such as Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan and Sean Gunn.


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