Shahid Kapoor’s wife Meera Rajput had to face the pain again, remembered labor pain

Meera Rajput

Meera Rajput, the wife of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, is in the headlines on a day like her. She is also very active on social media and keeps sharing special photos and videos for her loved ones. Meera Rajput also keeps making revelations about her personal life on social media. Now he has expressed his pain on social media.

Actually, Meera Rajput recently got her wisdom tooth treated. Because of this, she was going through a lot of pain. When Meera Rajput got her wisdom tooth out from the doctor, she had to go through a lot of pain. He compared this pain to the pain at the time of birth delivery. Meera Rajput herself has said this through social media.

Meera Rajput has shared two of her photos on her official Instagram account. Along with these photos, he has also written the post. In this post, Meera Rajput has described the pain of getting a wisdom tooth out. He wrote in the post, ‘Today I went to get my wisdom tooth removed. In front of its pain, I felt the labor pen like a yoga stretch. I missed Shahid a lot while getting a wisdom tooth out. If he were with me, I would have broken his hand this time because I had so much pain during my two deliveries that I had almost fractured Shahid’s hand.

Meera Rajput

Earlier, Meera Rajput had revealed how husband Shahid Kapoor took care of her during the days of pregnancy. Meera Rajput recalled her pregnancy period while talking to Zoom TV channel. Not only this, but he also spoke many things about Shahid in this interview. Meera Rajput said, ‘Shahid means a lot in my life. Your partner’s support is really important at every step. I always remained calm and happy because of them. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Your journey should always begin with your partner. At the same time, not only Shahid but his family’s support, my pregnancy period passed with happiness.

Meera further said, ‘I was given some traditional tips from my mother and sisters. I followed her. I also did yoga during this period, which was very beneficial. Apart from listening to my body, following a good routine also helped me. Let me tell you that Meera Rajput and Shahid Kapoor have two children. Daughter Meesha is four years old, while son Jain is two years old.


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