Pirates of the Caribbean return on Netflix, but this time they are the real ones


Netflix is ​​already a success for next March. The platform has announced a new documentary series dealing with the real pirates of the Caribbean. The series is titled The Lost Kingdom of the Pirates. A series that explores the time when these pirates reached various parts of the world and violently looted the wealth of the places they walked. These men in their extension managed to create a pirate republic that was in favor of equal rights.

The age of the pirates began in the 1690s. At that time, Nassau was the most important port in the Caribbean located in the Bahamas, ships and merchant ships arrived at that place which was the object of attention of several men who saw in it an important way to steal wealth. Henry Every brought his ship called ‘The Fancy’ to port loaded with what he had stolen from various ships and bribes from then-Governor Nicholas Trott.

All this to make the port an ideal place for the pirate actions carried out by his men, based on theft and misdeeds, before the indifferent view of the governor and his people. Although there were groups of English governors who were aware of the operations of these men, the pirates were acquiring more power within the mercantile robbery and dominated the military forces within the region.

In 1703, the activity of the pirates became more violent and cruel, mainly when a Franco-Spanish fleet arrived at the port of Nassau and attacked it. The battle was so fierce that the settlers left the region, leaving the English rulers without representatives in the place. Nassau was then taken by pirates, turning it into a city where terror, anarchy, and violence were the order of the day, where Spanish, French, and other ships were attacked as they passed by the nearby coasts.

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In the following years, the region was the scene of wars, disputes, and battles, mainly at the time of the war of the Spanish succession where many unemployed sailors joined the group of pirates increasing their volume. Anne Bonny a pirate woman, Charles Vane, and the famous Blackbeard were 3 famous characters that the series will talk about, which in turn has recreations acted with these characters.

In the trailer, you can see a very interesting staging and production design, with excellently set effects and ships in sea waters. While the performances show various topics, where violence and ambiguous situations stand out. The experts of the historical subject narrate the events from an interview-type sense, typical of the documentary.

Among the actors who recreate how the events could unfold from a dramatic point of view are James Olivier Wheatley, Thomas Padley, Derek Jacobi, and Sam Callis. The series is scheduled to premiere on the Netflix platform in mid-March and is shaping up, depending on the interest of the audience that has seen its trailer, as one of the ones that will be most viewed this next season.


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