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Be Shakal (Aruvam)

Today I am going to review South’s new film Aruvam. See that we are all full of stories that attract the idea of ​​contradictions but Aruvam takes things a little too far. Jyoti has an enosemia or inability to realize that she drinks smack at a rotten biryani restaurant and wants to throw up on Monday and start Monday with the burial of a dead dog disintegrating caracas but a smell. High spirit is her lover.

Supernatural comes from the point that the early parts of the film revolve around a haunted banyan tree, which strangles anyone who tries to take a leak on it, it is a social front because Jagan first falls for Jyoti when he frees a parrot from an astrologer cage. This is also romantic in a way and it is also a thriller because our Imam has a lot of ability to hold his audience hostage, who through his running time make a film about someone that has no odor. Seems quite interesting about the person but you don’t spend the first half of the majority of the time it only establishes the state of the Earth to be magically fixed without any effect on the film.

Such a film then turns into our lecture series, which Food Security Carter can call great. After the hygiene of the hotel and the origins of Tikka Dana, we get a standard-numbered villain, a gender-fluid ghost, and a countless second half, a realization of the WTF moments that detract from this realization That even today boys can be born there. There is nothing in our room and by the end, you were almost jealous of Jyoti, we were in her shoes. The film was just an attack on four senses.


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